Keeping Your Garden Fence in Great Condition

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If you are concerned about the condition of your fence, a good rule to live by is to not let the situation get any worse. When any issues arise, they should be tackled immediately. This way, you can prevent them from worsening and damaging your fence in a bad way. You can keep your fence in a good condition by using fence paint to regularly re-paint.

If you have recently purchased a brand-new fence, you’ll no doubt want to keep it looking new for as long as possible, protecting it from the elements with a well-defined maintenance program that will keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. With the right care and attention, you can catch any problems before they arise, handling them immediately and in the best way possible.

Fence Maintenance

The wood will need to be well looked after if you want your fence to last for a long time. Different fences with different treatments will need to be looked after in different ways.
Below, we have outlined the different maintenance programs to consider for fences treated in three different ways.

Fences with Saturated Wood Oils

Products like Owatrol Textrol and Decks Olje D1 are known as saturated wood oils, designed to protect the wood on fences, sheds and other outdoor garden furnishings. Maintaining fences that have been treated with these types of oils isn’t too strenuous.

Before you treat the area, be sure to use a suitable cleaner, such as Owatrol Net-Trol, which will remove all previous coatings of oil.

Fences with Solid Colour Stain

Solid colour stain is extremely long lasting and is guaranteed to not peel or flake for 15 years on vertical surfaces, for example garden fences. It requires very little maintenance but if any areas are exposed to harsh weather conditions or in any particular sunny spots may weather quicker than others. In this case you may simply need to apply the wood with Net-Trol and apply a single coat of Solid Colour Stain as necessary.

Fences with Aquadecks Finishing

Vertical fences which are treated with Aquadecks don’t usually require annual maintenance such as fence paint or painting. If the Aquadeck has severely greyed, then maintenance application is necessary. It can be difficult to establish how long this can take, as it is purely down to the weather conditions but typically be several years. When this happens, simply clean the wood with Net-Trol and apply a single coat of Aquaqdecks to replace any product that has weathered out.